Volume Purchase Edudadoo in Apple School Manager

The standard version of Edudadoo is available on the App Store for free. You can unlock its full potential by an in-app purchase. However, this model doesn't work with Apple School Manager. This is why Edudadoo for Schools exists. It's a paid app, which is already fully unlocked.

How to get it?

Send your Organization ID and full name (exactly as stated in your Apple School Manager settings) to my e-mail info@edudadoo.com. I'll add it to the Apple system promptly. Then just enable custom apps in the Apple School Manager settings and search for Edudadoo for Schools in the newly available category.

Why is it so difficult?

Apple does not allow multiple apps, differing only in the type of payment, to be publicly available in the App Store. I don't want that either. However, it is possible to have different non-public versions customized for specific organizations listed in the Apple system. Unfortunately, this is the only way until Apple starts supporting in-app purchases through Apple School Manager.

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