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How can I use modern technology safely and meaningfully?

Active playful learning is much better than letting kids watch random videos with ads all day long. Edudadoo lets meaningfully engage and connect the virtual world with the real world. What exactly does it mean to use technology meaningfully? Watch this video!

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In short: Technology is used meaningfully if it facilitates something or enables something otherwise impossible. For example, I can take photos of family members, edit them in a graphics program, print them out, and cut the sheet into cards. But not every parent has time for that five times a week. And paper cards will never speak on their own.

It’s important to play together, show and explain concepts. Especially with young kids. Edudadoo should only be one of many activities. Just as I don't let kids eat heaps of chocolate, I have to set a clear timeframe for activities in front of the screen.

How can I sync or share pictures between different devices?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. As Edudadoo is an app for kids, it is subject to extremely strict regulations such as GDPR-K and COPPA, which allow completely insane fines for the slightest mistake. Therefore, until we are 100% sure that we have everything right, the added pictures and sounds must not leave the device on which they were taken. We are actively trying to add these functions, but the mentioned regulations make it very difficult.

Which devices can I play Edudadoo on?

Edudadoo runs on both iOS and Android phones and tablets. For a better experience, consider using tablets.

The minimum supported version for iOS is 11.0, the minimum version for Android is 4.4. Android devices must have an ARM processor (at least ARMv7 with NEON support). Unfortunately, Atom processors are not supported.

Why isn’t Edudadoo free? What’s in the full version?

You can try Edudadoo for free to explore its games, pictures, and even add your own images and sounds! Our website is also full of free tales, coloring pictures, and cut-outs for you to continue the experience at home.

I really don't want ads in an app for kids. But I spend a lot of time working on Edudadoo and I have to feed my family like anybody else. By purchasing the full version, you will unlock all the original images and can add unlimited ones of your own – everything for just $7.99!

Can I pay for the full version by bank transfer?

Unfortunately, no. Apple and Google prohibit this as they deduct 15-30% from payments to keep Edudadoo listed in their stores. Take a look at these payment methods for more info:

How to purchase Edudadoo in Apple School Manager?

Apple School Manager is not in-app purchase friendly, so you can't unlock Edudadoo this way. That's when Edudadoo for Schools comes to play. This version is paid and fully unlocked. Check here how to add Edudadoo for Schools into your Apple School Manager.

Why can’t I take pictures or record audio?

Edudadoo needs your consent to use the camera and microphone in your device. When you try to add your own images, Edudadoo will ask for your permission. Please allow us or follow the link in the app to do so in your device’s system settings.

Got more questions?

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