Edudadoo Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored onto Your device while visiting our website. They serve to make it work properly and to a more user-friendly interface. Thanks to cookies, services can remember for example Your preferred language or other preferences, information about subscribing/refusing newsletter or eventually whether the consent to processing cookies has already been given and for which purposes. You can view or change Your consent in the cookies settings.

There are following cookies on our website:

Session Cookies

These cookies are temporary and saved into a cookie file of Your browser only until You finish working with the browser. These cookies are necessary for the proper working of the website and, therefore, it is not possible to turn their saving off.

Persistent Cookies

We can use these cookies for Your easier and more comfortable orientation on our website (e.g. an easier and faster navigation or easier access to Your preferred content). These cookies remain in the cookie storage of Your browser for a longer period of time. The length of the period depends on the settings of Your browser or the individual cookies (see the table below).

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies used in our services serve especially to analyse our website’s functionality and to marketing purposes via our partners. They might be used by third parties to collect information about Your interests and, therefore, for example better target advertisements, including advertisements on other websites or apps. These cookies do not collect directly Your personal information, but are based on a unique identifier of the browser and the device. If You do not allow third party cookies, services will show and work properly, however, some functions might be limited and might not be customized to Your preferences. Our partners via whom these cookies are managed know about these cookies.

Social Networks Cookies

These cookies are set by a variety of social networks which we added to our website to share content. Like other third party cookies, they allow to track Your activity using the unique identifier across websites and services for better targeting of their content in accordance with Your interests. If these cookies are not allowed, You will not be able to see and use extended options regarding social networks.

Our Cookies and Their Purpose

Name Expiration Who has access Description
edCookies 6 months Ing. Adam Vlček (Edudadoo) This cookie contains information whether and when did the website visitor agree with storing certain types of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.
edLang 1 year Ing. Adam Vlček (Edudadoo) Saves language preferences on the Edudadoo website.
edMail 1 year Ing. Adam Vlček (Edudadoo) Saves reactions of the user to pop-up windows with newsletter subscription — especially the time when the user has refused it for the last time or whether he or she has already filled in his or her e-mail. Neither the e-mail address nor other personal data are stored within these cookies, but they are included in the partners’ database in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
Google Analytics Cookies according to the service policy Google Ireland Limited Analysis of the website functionality and marketing utilities. According the settings of the service: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites
Facebook Pixel Cookies according to the service policy Facebook Ireland Limited Analysis of the website functionality and marketing utilities. According to the settings of the service: About cookie settings for Facebook pixel
YouTube Cookies according to the service policy Google Ireland Limited Playing embedded videos on our website. According to the settings of the service: Google Privacy Policy, Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites

Personalisation Restrictions on Mobile Devices

Devices with operating system iOS and Android allow in settings to globally restrict profiling of the users’ activities and advertisement targeting, including cookies. Edudadoo cannot manage these settings and is not responsible for the setup of Your device.

More Information

In accordance with the generally binding legal regulations, without Your prior consent we can use only necessary cookies for the basic functioning of our services. Until the consent with other cookies is provided to us, these cookies will not be saved onto Your device and, therefore, the functionality of some elements on our website might be limited. A given consent can always be revoked in the cookies settings.

It is also possible to set up cookies settings in Your browser, where the use of cookies can be refused, forbidden or limited in time preferably to Edudadoo’s default settings. These settings can be found in the preferences of each respective browser.

The guides for the most used browsers are available here:

This Cookie Policy was prepared in cooperation with the Cisek law office and is effective as of December 1, 2020.

Edudadoo’s Cookie Policy might be updated, and, therefore, we recommend reading it through from time to time. In case that there are major changes to it or to already agreed purposes of the use of cookies, it will be necessary to give consent with this Policy again.

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